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Let’s kick off our 13th annual Doors Open Hamilton weekend – Saturday May 2 and Sunday May 3 – with a new website and a group of unique sites for you to visit.

Doors Open Hamilton celebrates our built environment. It’s designed to foster an appreciation and exploration of both heritage+ modern architecture and adaptive re-use plus the cultural history of our community. It’s free to attend and many sites are suitable for all ages.

Doors Open Hamilton is the signature event of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario – Hamilton Region Branch – organized by volunteers since 2003.

We participate in the province wide initiative, created in 2002, by the Ontario Heritage Trust. Events run from April until October annually in communities across the province. www.doorsopenontario.on.ca

In keeping with the 2015 Pan Am Games in the Golden Horseshoe, we will highlight sites with special events and activities that highlight Hamilton’s rich sports history.

Plus, we have created geographical groupings of sites to enhance the visitor experience.

So grab your walking shoes, your bike, your HSR pass or your vehicle (and of course your camera!) and get out there to explore Hamilton from the inside!


Doors Open Partners

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